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Jacob Heringman's DGM Diary Archive

November 2001

16/11/01 2245

More than a month has passed since I last wrote. This is the longest gap in the two-year history of this Diary. I regret the fact that I havenít managed to find more time to write since everything changed for me in mid-September when I started my course. But this new beginning has brought with it some major changes in my approach to the use of time. About five hours every weekday are taken up with my course, and this means that the time I have for other things is much curtailed in relation to the way it was before. Iím having to learn to prioritise much more effectively than before. This is probably a good thing, as the use of time was never my strong point. Iím dealing more effectively now with the fact that there is more to do than can be done in the available time. This means doing, wherever possible, the most urgent and necessary things first. Iím gradually becoming more efficient, though Iím still often getting sucked into doing things that perhaps are not strictly necessary. Ultimately, we choose to use our time in one way rather than in another. I could prioritise the diary more than I am doing, but this feels like a time to be absorbing, not recording. Besides, as part of my course, I (along with the other students) keep a diary of my Alexander Technique progress. This diary has temporarily supplanted my DGM diary.

The course remains a joy, and a transforming experience. This is a tremendously exciting time, and I feel myself changing apace, both physically and mentally. More on that in a future entry.

Meanwhile, on the musical front, tomorrow bright and early, Zan and I (and the other two members of Virelai) will travel to Palma to give a concert tomorrow night: The Age of Experiment: music from Leonardoís time.

On the 24th, Zan and I give a duo concert in Totnes; on the 25th-27th, Iíll be making another disc with Musica Antiqua of London; and on the 28th, Iíll be going into a London recording studio to contribute a lute part to one track of Joni Mitchellís next album. Life is full of variety!