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December 2001

19/12/01 1820

Today is my first free day in recent memory. The work finished yesterday. Virelaiís Christmas concert was my last engagement of the year. Iím spending today catching up a bit, and preparing for our departure to Wales for a week on Friday.

Yesterdayís concert will be broadcast on BBC Radio 3 at 1.00 pm on Christmas day, UK time. For interested readers in the USA or elsewhere, if you go to at 1.00 pm Greenwich Mean Time (thatís 8.00 am in New York) on Christmas Day, you can hear us playing and me being interviewed.

Itís been a productive but very tiring few months. Sadly Iíve neglected the diary terribly (simply too much else on my plate, though thatís no excuse really--itís a matter of priorities). Itís going to be great to stop, though I can feel that exhaustion is setting in as a result of suddenly having time to stop.

The highlight has of course been my new venture, the Alexander Technique teacher training. Iíve now finished the first term (of nine), and Iím confident that doing this was the right thing. As I hoped, itís making me enjoy and value my music more. The combination of the Alexander work, and getting rid of some of the work I didnít enjoy, has achieved this result. However, itís tricky finding the energy to do concerts in the evening when youíve been spending the morning on the training course, and likewise itís hard to find the energy to get up in the morning to go to "school" when youíve had a concert and a journey home late on the previous night.

I think I may have overdone it a bit this last term. Next term looks considerably less busy in my diary, which is probably a good thing. Iíll be doing only a tiny handful of concerts, going to "school" every day, and preparing a couple of longer-term projects, chiefly the Virelai / Riverrun Records contemporary music project, and my next solo disc.

In the background as I type, Jeff Buckley is singing (beautifully and movingly) the Corpus Christi Carol. What a great talent he was.

Iím reading Sidís excellent book, and enjoying it immensely. Great stuff, Sid, and thanks for signing my copy! Iím honoured. I very much look forward to really getting stuck into it over the holidays. Other reading: The World and Other Places, a magical book of short stories by Jeanette Winterson.

New Yearís resolution: to write more regularly in this Diary.

And now, I wish all DGM site visitors a peaceful holiday season and a happy and productive 2002.