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Jacob Heringman, lutenist - Diary
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Jacob Heringman's DGM Diary Archive

December 2000

5/12/00 2003

A quick entry on an extremely wet Tuesday evening in London, while I wait for Zan to return home from touring. We have just this evening together, and then weíre both off again, and wonít meet up for nine days. We really must stop not meeting like this!

Tomorrow, rehearsals begin for the Musica Antiqua recording project which takes place this weekend: virtuoso instrumental settings of some of the greatest (vocal) hits of the renaissance.

Also tomorrow, an important meeting down at DGM World Central between my agent and the Big Three, to discuss exciting developments. Watch this space.

Iíve greatly enjoyed time at home to practise--lots of challenging projects coming up soon. At times like this thereís always an internal balance being struck between fear (of the unknown, of failure, of being met with indifference or hostility) on the one hand, and excitement and pleasurable exhilaration and positivity on the other. Itís the old "I-love-a-challenge" versus "Iím-terrified-of-whatís-to-come" dialectic.